Kasteel Waardenburg, Neerijnen, Johan Bakker, CC-BY-SA 4.0

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In its ambition to grant everyone free access to the sum of all knowledge, Wikimedia Nederland aims to collect as many high quality photos of monuments as possible. Therefore Wikimedia Nederland organizes a bi-yearly photo contest, in which participants are invited to share their photos. These photos provide all Wikipedia users with a full overview of the beautiful cultural heritage in the Netherlands. The best photos are rewarded with wonderful prizes.

In order to participate in the Wiki Loves Monuments contest, participants should upload their photos during the month September. After September it is still possible to upload photos, but these will not be eligible for prizes anymore.

We ask participants to upload their photos under a public copyright license which allows anyone to use their photos on Wikipedia. Below you can find the conditions that photos have to meet in order to participate in the contest.

Conditions for participation:

  • You can only send in your own photos.
  • All photos are uploaded under a public copyright license CC-by-SA. In this way photos are available for use to all users of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • Only photos that are uploaded in September 2017 can enter the contest. Photos taken before September can enter the contest, but they are only eligible for prizes when uploaded in September.
  • All photos must be provided with the monument number. Photos from national, muncipal or provincial monuments are all accepted in this contest.
  • The participant must create a Wikimedia Commons account and activate his/her e-mail address when registering his/her account. Without an e-mail address we cannot contact you, if you win a prize.

A jury of experts in photography and heritage will decide on the winners. Members of the Wiki Loves monuments jury can only participate on a non-competitive basis. When necessary, these guidelines can be adjusted by the organization.

Correspondence about the decision of the jury is not possible. Photos will be assessed on the basis of three criteria:

  • Technical quality
  • Originality of the setting
  • Usefulness for Wikipedia

Want to participate? Here you can find a more elaborate explanation (in Dutch).

Joining Wiki Loves Monuments is easy!

Before uploading:

  • You need a (free) account on the Wikimedia projects. You can log in with your Wikipedia account, or register at Special:UserLogin/signup. Don't forget to fill in your e-mail address, otherwise we cannot contact you in case you win!

Uploading through the lists:

  • The easiest way to upload pictures is to click on the "upload photo" text. Some fields will now be pre-filled.
  • Make sure you use a descriptive file name while uploading (no DSC_73482.jpg)

You can only upload through the list, when there is no picture yet. If there is a picture already on display, or you want to upload more pictures simultaneously, then go to Wikimedia commons.

  • Make sure you're logged in (otherwise you cannot upload)
  • Look up the number of the monument in your picture in the lists at Wikipedia
  • Click on the banner to upload

The uploading itself:

  • Click the square "Select media files to shares". Select the images you want to upload on your own computer.
  • Add more file by clicking "add more files" and selecting the next picture on your computer.
  • On the second page, you state to release the pictures are you own work and you release them under the Creative Commons license. Please be aware this only is valid for photo's taken outside (Panorama Freedom) and from the open road. For taking pictures inside you need the permission of the owners of the property. Click "Next".
  • On the third page, you can add detailed information on the pictures. Don't forget to mention the monument number! Click "Next".
  • On the fourth page you can go to the main page of Wikimedia Commons or upload more pictures.
Binnentuin/vijver Raadhuis, Hilversum, Koosje Jaspers, CC BY-SA 4.0

Frederik Balhuizen won Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 met deze foto van de oostelijke brug van de Hortusvijver in Amsterdam.

Over Wiki Loves Monuments

Wikimedia Nederland wil met Wiki Loves Monuments zo veel mogelijk kwalitatief hoogwaardige foto’s van monumenten verzamelen, zodat iedereen die gebruik maakt van bijvoorbeeld Wikipedia een goed overzicht krijgt van het prachtige culturele erfgoed van Nederland.

De wedstrijd Wiki Loves Monuments wordt gehouden in de maand september. Foto's die in de maand september worden ingezonden (ge-upload), dingen mee naar mooie prijzen.

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