Below is a list of the speakers who will be hosting a session during WikiconNL on 19 November 2022. Speakers are listed in alphabetical order (first name).

On the Sessions webpage, you will find an overview of the sessions per track.

Anton Protsiuk 

Anton Protsiuk is Programs Coordinator at Wikimedia Ukraine, where he is overseeing the organization’s programmatic activities, such as content campaigns, diversity and editor recruitment initiatives, community events, and communications outreach. In his volunteer capacity, he has been a Ukrainian Wikipedia editor and administrator for a decade now, typically devoting his time to admin and patrolling maintenance tasks, as well as to writing occasional articles.

Bonaventura Aditya Perdana 

Bonaventura Aditya Perdana is Product Ambassador from Wikimedia Foundation representing the Indonesian Wikimedia community.



Boudewijn Koopmans 

Boudewijn Koopmans has been project manager of the Amsterdam Time Machine (ATM) at the University of Amsterdam since mid-2022. As project manager, Koopmans is involved in establishing partnerships in research, ATM’s technical infrastructure and front-end applications. Koopmans holds a master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Studies from the Open University. His career started in telecom & multimedia and in 2008 he switched to the museum sector, working successively at the Cobra Museum, the Mauritshuis and the Scheepvaartmuseum.



Ciell is one of the 7 elected members of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee, which consists of 15 members in total. Ciell has been a moderator on the Dutch Wikipedia since 2006, an admin on Commons since 2009 and a member of the international coordinating team for the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest.

Daniëlle Jansen

DaniĂ«lle Jansen is a collections specialist at the Royal Library and is mainly concerned with the infrastructure, dataflow and working processes surrounding the linked data of our national library’s special collections. Outside working hours, she nerds out with her Raspberry Pi, wikidata and structured data on Commons, plans her holidays around the tour dates of the pop group Muse, knits and crochets clothes and objects for steampunk cosplay and reads mainly nineteenth-century literature.

Fresco Sam-Sin 

Fresco Sam-Sin is the project lead and product owner of Things That Talk, director of the Taalmuseum, and research associate at the Research Center of Material Culture. Sam-Sin was educated as a manjurist and as a lecturer at Leiden University he started building various digital platforms to enhance the experience of students with language and material culture.

Geert van Pamel 

Geert van Pamel has been a Wikipedian since 2005 and co-founder of Wikimedia Belgium in 2014. He has been working professionally on databases and server-based applications since 1983. Since 2020, he has found the time to program in Python and develop Pywikibot scripts to automatically update Wikidata. He organises writing sessions and projects in Belgium together with GLAM and educational institutions.

Hanno Lans 

Hanno Lans works for several heritage institutions including Loo, Lakenhal, Wereldculturen, Museon and LIMA, on going through collections by establishing links to Wikidata and adding all creators there. This enables museums to get clarity on the copyright status and background of their collection. Additions to Wikidata make creators more findable for everyone.

For NDE and ModeMuze in 2022, Hanno Lans researched projects to provide cross-museum data from different museums. This showed that although promising, Linked Data is still a long way off. Wikibase could be a tool in this.

Hay Kranen | Sandra Fauconnier | Siebrand Mazeland | Maarten Dammers 

Hay, Siebrand, Maarten and Sandra collectively have decades of wiki experience and attended numerous hackathons at home and abroad.

During their session on the hackathon, they let the participants themselves speak about what they created as much as possible.

Jan Ainali 

Jan Ainali is a Wikimedian from Sweden now living in the Netherlands. He started to edit in 2006 and mostly edits on Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Swedish Wikipedia. He was one of the many co-founders of Wikimedia Sverige, the Swedish Wikimedia chapter, and went on to become a chairman and later executive director. Today, he is mostly active in Wikimedians for Sustainable Development, a Wikimedia user group he co-founded, although he still follows most meta discussions. Besides editing directly in the projects, he does a weekly podcast about Wikipedia in Swedish, Wikipediapodden, and weekly live Wikidata edit sessions.

Jennifer Scheuerman

Jennifer Scheuerman works at Stichting Gebouwd Erfgoed Suriname (SGES). At the foundation, she is in charge of legal issues related to cultural heritage as they arise. Furthermore, she supports the foundation’s public awareness activities. And where necessary, she is also deployed in working groups of the Culture Directorate. For her, it is important to know who you are and where you come from in order to determine where you want to go.

Jos Damen

Jos Damen is addicted to editing Wikipedia. On the one hand, this is reflected in his work, where, as head of the library of the Africa Study Centre in Leiden, he has now ensured the contribution of thousands of Africa-related photos to Commons. On the other hand, he is also very active privately, contributing more than ten thousand photos to Wikimedia Commons.

Kathleen Ferrier

Kathleen Ferrier chairs the Dutch Unesco Commission. She is an expert on development cooperation, human rights and diversity as a lecturer, she is affiliated with several universities in Asia. She also advised the municipality of Amsterdam on the establishment of a slavery museum. Kathleen Ferrier was a member of parliament for the CDA for ten years, with portfolios including international cooperation, education, healthcare and social affairs.

Kim van Sparrentak 

Kim studied Political Science and Urban Environmental Management and during her studies
was active as a co-chair at DWARS Amsterdam.  With the Young European Greens (FYEG),
Kim was a member of the climate and energy working group. Later on, she started working
as mobility communication officer at Milieudefensie and was elected as co-president of
FYEG. Here she represented more than 10,000 European young people in their fight against
climate change. In 2019 Kim was elected MEP for GroenLinks, before this she worked at
WISE where she campaigned for the closure of nuclear power plants in Belgium.

Lizzy Jongma 

Lizzy Jongma is Senior Project Leader ICT at the War Resources Network (NOB). As project leader, she deals with digitising, unlocking and connecting historical sources related to the Second World War. Lizzy ensures that the digitised material, by now more than 15 million sources from over 250 GLAM institutes, is available on Oorlogsbronnen.nl in an innovative way. Where the lives of more than 300,000 war-affected people can also be viewed. Oorlogsbronnen.nl has won a Best of the Web Award (Museums and the Web, 2020) and 3 Dutch Interactive Awards (2022). Lizzy Jongma is a board member of Wikimedia Netherlands and is involved in Open Knowledge and GLAM partnerships within the board.

Lucy Patterson 

Lucy Patterson is an open knowledge and open society activist with a background in community organising, DIY/DIWO and open source. At Wikimedia Deutschland she is a project manager in the team, Bildung Wissenschaft, Kultur, mit schwerpunkt digital cultural heritage and open data. She designs and stewards projects that aim to support the growth of a fair and inclusive digital knowledge commons. She represents WMDE as a founder partner in the cultural hackathon Coding da Vinci. Lucy a molecular biologist by training, a Berliner by choice (originally from the UK), aspiring gardener and balcony composter.

Lukas Mezger 

Lukas Mezger is a media and IT attorney from Hamburg, Germany. A longtime Wikipedia volunteer and community organiser, he served on the supervisory board of Wikimedia Deutschland from 2013 to 2022. Besides his involvement with Wikimedia, he is also a climate activist with Fridays for Future and co-founded the ‘Lawyers for Future’ sub-organisation in 2021. In 2015, he created the Wikimedia Sustainability Initiative, a community effort to reduce the environmental impact of the Wikimedia Movement.

Michelle Boon 

With an Academic background in museology, history and philosophy of science and as an experienced Wikimedian, Michelle Boon has become well versed in Linked Open Data in GLAMs. She currently works as project lead Linked Open Data at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.



Olaf Janssen

Olaf Janssen is the Wikimedia coordinator at ‘de Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB)’ (the Royal Library) in The Hague. He stimulates and facilitates cooperation between the KB’s collections, knowledge, open data and staff on the one hand and the projects of the Wikimedia movement, such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and Wikibase, on the other. He also volunteers within this movement.

Orly Simon 

Orly Simon, a wiki-librarian in soul. Director of User Services at The National Library of Israel and a lecturer at The David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem where she teaches a course titled: “Digital Libraries: Wikipedia, Libraries & Librarians” at the Library and Information Science Master degree program. In 2018 she completed the course “Wikipedia & Libraries: Better Together” (OCLC & Wikimedia Foundation). In 2019 she led the #1Lib1ref campaign in Israel to win the first place in the world of librarians adding references to Wikipedia.

A member of the Wikipedia & Libraries User Group Steering Committee since 2019.

Raisha Abdillah 

Raisha Abdillah is Product Manager in Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID). Based in Jakarta, she has been a Wikidata contributor since 2016. From 2018 to mid 2022, she is responsible for both the community and institutional outreach for Wikidata in Indonesia, and being the person in charge for everything tech-related in the organization; e.g. Javanese OCR research, Language Map, community technical wishes, website administration, and so on. Starting from the middle of this year, she is working for the Wikidata Software Collaboration project between WMID and Wikimedia Deutschland.

Sandra Rientjes 

Sandra Rientjes has been director of Wikimedia Nederland since 2012 and is in day-to-day charge of the office. A sociologist by background, she has been closely involved in the development and implementation of surveys of editors of the Dutch-language Wikipedia.