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Millions of people throughout the world are familiar with Wikipedia. Not everyone realises that the familiar free encyclopaedia and other wiki websites for free knowledge are maintained by the volunteers of the Wikimedia movement.


Wikimedia Nederland is part of the global Wikimedia Movement and supports the volunteers working on Wikipedia and other wiki-websites in the Netherlands.


The vision of Wikimedia Nederland matches the vision of the Wikimedia movement as a whole:
Imagine a world in which everybody has free access to the sum of all human knowledge.
The free encyclopedia Wikipedia plays a central role in the activities of Wikimedia Nederland, as do the other Wikimedia projects aimed at providing access to free knowledge.


Wikimedia Nederland:

  • establishes an environment in which volunteers can contribute to Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects
  • informs the public about the concept of free knowledge, about the Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia, and about the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia movement.
  • encourages people and organisations to make their own contributions to the Wikimedia project


Wikimedia Nederland has no control over the content of the Dutch language Wikipedia, or the content of any of the other Wikimedia wikis. Wikimedia Nederland is an independent membership-association. The Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco has formally recognised it as a ‘chapter’, in other words an organisation active at the national level with the aim of achieving the goals of the global Wikimedia movement.


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For information about the global Wikimedia movement please see the website of the Wikimedia Foundation.